History of the Mound City Library
In 1908 a group of M.C. citizens organized the Library Association with the purpose of building a Public library in Mound City and supported by city taxes. Their first effort, however, was simply a traveling library from the State which was kept in the office of Dr. E. M. Miller. This office was in the Groves building on the corner south of the Racket.   Miss Ora Parker, Dr. Miller’s office nurse, kindly attended to lending the books. Probably within a year we moved into a separate room in the same building and from then on different women gave their time serving as librarians. 
Our collection of books continued to grow, including children’s books and periodicals. There were about 200 books in the collection at this time. Anyone could borrow books either in town or country. We always had a man for president of the association, hoping eventually to bring the movement to the point of voting a tax for library support. There were investigations of the requirements for a Carnegie library building. We found however, that because the taxes already stood at the maximum allowed by law that there could be now more voted for library support.    – Memories written by Helen McCoy, Librarian.
To be continued…